Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3024iL

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40A/12V or 30A/24V charge controller. Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking technology allows Solar Boost 3024iL to increase charge current up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers. Don't waste your money by throwing PV power away! Get the power you paid for with a Solar Boost 3024iL charge controller.

Solar Boost 3024iL's advanced fully automatic 3-stage charge control system will properly charge flooded lead-acid, AGM and GEL batteries resulting in improved battery performance with less maintenance. The dual 30/40 amp rating will deliver at up to 30 amps in 24 volt systems, or up to 40 amps in 12 volt systems. An automatic or manual equalize function is also provided to periodically condition flooded lead-acid batteries. To further enhance versatility, a user configurable auxiliary output and Blue Sky Energy's advanced IPN network interface are also included.

The user configurable auxiliary output can serve as either a 20 amp load controller, or as a 2 amp auxiliary battery charger. The load control feature can be used to limit excessive battery discharge in unattended remote systems, whereas the auxiliary battery charge feature is ideal for charging a separate battery such as the engine battery in an RV. The auxiliary output can also provide fully adjustable dusk to dawn lighting control.

Blue Sky Energy's advanced Integrated PowerNet, or IPN Network, allows up to 8 IPN capable charge controllers to communicate with each other and operate as a single machine rather than separate charge controllers. The IPN network also allows networked controllers to share an optional battery temperature sensor and remote display. The IPN network does not require a display or other special communication hardware to operate.With the addition of the optional Universal Communications Module (UCM) provides for a full featured communication bridge or gateway between Blue Sky Energy's integrated Power Net based charge controllers. The UCM allows for remote connectivity to the SB3024iL to provide for periodic real time FTP data upload to a remote server and 128 days of data logging.


  • 40A 12V or 30A 24V Rating supports a wide range of applications.
  • AUX output serves as 20A load controller or 2A battery charger
  • Load controller provides fully adjustable dusk to dawn lighting control.
  • 3 Stage charge control with filtered PWM output and auto/manual equalization improves battery performance and life
  • MPPT power converter can charge 12V batteries from 24V solar panels
  • Durable powder coat finish and conformal coated electronics resist corrosion
  • Five year warranty
  • Battery Temp Sensor input (BTS not included)

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