Xantrex C40 Charge Controller 40A 12-24-48V

Xantrex C40 Charge Controller 40A 12-24-48V

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The Xantrex C40 is designed for 40 amps of DC current at 12, 24, or 48Vdc. Considered to be one of the best in the industry, Xantrex Charge Controllers offer a variety of features.A unique feature of the C Series controllers is thier versatility, as they can work as a charge, load or diversion controller.

As a Solar Charge Controller- When used as a solar charge controller, the C40 can control 12, 24, or 48Vdc array operation. All units offer selectable settings for NiCad, flooded lead acid, gel, or absorbed glass mat batteries.

As a DC Load Controller- As a DC load controller, the C Series has a low voltage disconnect warning indicator and field adjustable set points that govern automatic low and high voltage disconnect. Manual reset switch for emergency low voltage operation.

As a Diversion Controller- The C Series automatically directs extra power to a dedicated load, such as an electric water heater, and ensures batteries are never over charged.

Features of the Xentrex 40-Amp Solar Charge Controller:

  • Silent, pulse width modulated (PWM), high efficiency operation
  • Three-stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, and float) with optional temperature compensation
  • Automatic overload protection in both active and passive modes
  • PV array short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Durable construction
  • Microprocessor controlled

    For additional information on this 40-amp solar charge controller, please see the ./pdf documents below.

    NOTE: Item on backorder until early to mid-January. Consider Morningstar's Tristar 45 as a great substitute. We sell a lot of these dependable controllers and they have similar features to Xantrex C series controllers! Click here to learn more about the Tristar 45.