LG NeON2 ACe 330w with Enphase IQ6+ microinverter

LG NeON2 ACe 330w with Enphase IQ6+ microinverter

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The Panel.
The only thing better than an LG 330w Cello enhanced (12 bus bar) N-Type Mono solar module is one with an Enphase IQ6+ microinverter built right in! This combo edition still includes the same 60-cell mono crystalline 330W NeON2 module with a 40 mm black aluminum frame with a white backsheet.

The Microinverter. Why buy the latest Enphase microinverter separately and have to slow down and attach them to the rack, when you can buy them already attached to a great module?

Save! Save time and money buying these top quality and popular components together! And like all Enphase products, take advantage of the Enphase Energy Enlighten system to monitor your system's performance and production.

Required Accessories. Get the accessories that you'll need to for any Enphase system here. That will include the Enphase IQ Cable, the IQ Envoy, and more.