LG NeON R 360W Solar Panel LG-360Q1C-A5

LG NeON R 360W Solar Panel LG-360Q1C-A5

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The Panel. The LG-360Q1C-A5 hails from LG's newest excellent NeONn R line of solar panels. LG's NeON solar panels have been a huge customer favorite and it continues under the "R" version today.

NeON R. The NeON R line from LG introduces a bunch of new improvements over the prior NeON generation. For starters, it boasts a new cell structure that loses the electrodes on the face of the panel leaving an even cleaner, sharper aesthetic look. The R series brings improved temperature co-efficient so the panels perform even better on our hot roof. LG continues to squeeze more and more production out of the same footprint which makes these LG360s super efficient and a great choice if your roof spaces is precious.

Warranty & Frame. The NeON R series has an enhanced performance warranty, with a lower annual degradation guarantee. The LG product warranty has been bumped up to 12 years from ten years, and the 25 linear output warranty is now 83.6%. The panels are even stronger now as well, and can endure a front load up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load up to 5400 Pa

LG 360 Solar Panel Specs and Features:

  • Among the highest module efficiency available at 20.8% saves costs on racking etc.
  • Priced much lower and a more standard size than other high efficiency products.
  • Aesthetic appearance, black frame with no electrodes on its face to appear black at a distance.
  • Double sided cell structure contributes to additional power generation.
  • Outstanding durability, 6000 Pa front load and 5400 Pa rear load.
  • 12 year Product Warranty, 25 year 83.6% Power Output Warranty

    Additional information can be found on the spec sheet linked below.