Peimar PV Modules

Peimar PV Modules Lamborghini? Ferrari? Chianti? Thinking "Made in Italy" right? You can add Peimar Solar panels to that list! After selling their rock-solid small 12V panels for years under the Synthesis Power name, we're excited to introduce Peimar's "large" OS High Efficiency line of 60 cell monocrystalline modules as well as their standard line of 60 and 72 cell polycrystalline modules! Fantastico!

Since 2007, Peimar has been expanding it's reputation beyond Italy and Europe for producing excellent solar PV modules that use the highest quality components. With quality as Peimar's guiding principle, their solar panels must meet the most restrictive international standards to be suitable for every kind of application--especially residential, commercial and industrial ones.

Covered by a 30 year warranty on the energy production and by a 12 year warranty on production defects, Peimar solar panels are also certified CE, ETL, ISO, OHSAS and UL 1703 listed--fueling growth in all the main international markets.

NOTE: 4 Panel minimum order for Peimar solar panels
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