Peimar 300W 60 cell Mono Solar Panel SG300M

Peimar 300W 60 cell Mono Solar Panel SG300M

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The Panel. Peimar SG300M - 300 watt, 60 cell solar (40mm Frame) panels with black frame and matching black cells are designed for maximum output and high performance. Using advanced technologies, this Peimar 300W solar panel achieves 21.56% cell efficiency and a combined 18.33% overall module efficiency. 60 cell panels like these pack excellent energy output in a more manageable size module.

Buongiorno! Made in Italy, these 300W solar panels are popular in Europe, and are now available in the USA as quality, affordable options for either grid tie solar electric systems for your home or business, off-grid battery based systems, and grid hybrid systems.

Peace of mind.Peimar stands behind these excellent modules, offering a 30 year linear power production warranty and a 20 year general product defect warranty!

Product Specs and Features:

  • Pmax Nominal Output of 300W at STC.
  • High-performance mono-crystalline cell structure
  • Large Format Cells: 6 in x 6. in (156 x 156 mm)
  • 40mm aluminum frame
  • With a maximum load capacity of up to 5400 Pa (112.8 psf)
  • The power tolerance ranges between -0 Wp and +5 Wp.
  • See PDF Datasheet linked below for additional information on this 300W solar panel.

Peak Power (Pmpp) 300 W Cell Type: Mono-crystalline
Peak Power Voltage (Vmpp) 32.0 V Cell Dims: 156mm x 156mm
Peak Power Current (Impp) 9.40 A Length: 64.5 in.
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 39.8 V Width: 39 in.
Short Circuit Current: 9.98 A Depth incl. jbox: 1.57 in.
Max. System Voltage: 1000 V Depth excl. jbox: 1.57 in.
Weight: 39 lbs. Nominal Voltage: 20 V
Pallet Quantity: 27 Limited Warrantee: 30 years
Max Series Fuse: 15 A