Outback FLEXpower Radian FPR-8048A-01

Outback FLEXpower Radian FPR-8048A-01

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    Manufacturer Part#: FPR-8048A-01
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OutBack's pre-assembled and pre-wired power systems take the concept of fast, easy installation to a new level of performance, value and flexibility with the FLEXpower Radian. This 8kW FLEXpower Radian (FPR- 8048A-01) is ideal for applications with medium-sized power requirements, including larger homes and light commercial or backup power systems.

Everything needed, outside of power sources and battery backup, is completely integrated - just install the mounting bracket, hang the system on a wall, make the necessary connections and the system is fully operational.

The system features OutBack's GridZero technology, a superior level of intelligence in energy management for self-generation and self-consumption programs. It provides precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes. Both models feature an Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) profile option to support leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others, and enhanced diagnostics for improved performance. Additional information on the OutBack Radian 8048 can be found in the Documents tab.

Specs and Features of the Outback FLEXpower Radian FPR-8048A:

  • The Pre-wired system includes a Radian series GS8048A inverter/charger, two FLEXMAX 80 Charge controllers, MATE 3-S system display and communications, FLEXnet DC system monitor, AC and DC wiring boxes, HUB 10.3 communications, surge protector, remote temp sensor, and is also equipped with battery and PV array breakers, GFDI and input-output-bypass.
  • Factory tested, pre-wired, and pre-configured
  • Fast installation with a pre-assembled system and fully integrated GSLC175PV-120/240 load center.
  • Optimized system footprint.
  • GridZero technology optimizes the balance between stored and renewable energy sources, minimizing grid dependence.
  • Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) supports leading edge battery technologies including lithium-ion.
  • Dual AC inputs for seamless generator integration in grid-interactive applications.
  • Grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in one unit.
  • System monitoring via web interface with OPTICS RE.
  • Components carry all of the necessary ETL certifications.