Outback Mate 3s System Display and Controller

Outback Mate 3s System Display and Controller

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    Manufacturer Part#: MATE3s
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Latest. The Outback MATE3s Advanced System Display and Communications Controller is the latest generation remote display and controller to program and monitor your Outback power system. This is also the only controller that works with Outback's Radian and FXR series of inverters.

Easier. Not only is the interface more intuitive than ever, but it includes an integrated configuration wizard to make your system setup as painless as possible. Better, readable backlit LCD display, better tacktile buttons, "favorite" keys you can program to access your most-wanted features, and an easy-to-scroll wheel interface to navigate the options.

Functional. With a single MATE3s you can remotely manage and monitor multiple Outback inverter/chargers, charge controllers and DC monitoring devices. Unlike the first generation MATE, the MATE3s is compatible with Outback's Radian and FXR series of inverters.

In addition, the Outback MATE3s also has these features:

  • Program, Manage, and Monitor Entire System
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy-To-Read Graphical Display
  • System Configuration Wizard
  • Monitor via any internet-connected device with OPTICS RE
  • FLEXtime setting enables working with time-of-day power rates
  • Field Upgradable
  • Up to 1-Year Data Logging
  • SD Memory Card Slot

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