OutBack FLEXcoupled AC Coupling Solution

OutBack FLEXcoupled AC Coupling Solution

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The new FLEXcoupled AC coupling package from OutBack is a great choice for an existing or new grid tie system. AC-coupling enables an existing grid-tied inverter system to "couple" as another energy source to a second grid-interactive inverter (with connected battery storage) and share their combined energy while providing battery back-up security and flexibility.

The OutBack FLEXcoupled system is unique from other AC-coupling types in that its foundation is a superior split-phase inverter/charger with dual AC inputs, transfer switching, power management flexibility and multiple operational modes for a wide range of energy scenarios, and greater dynamic stability.

Features of the Outback FLEXcouple AC Coupling Solution

  • UL1741 end-to-end
  • Greater dynamic stability
  • Better performance with generators
  • Universal design; more compatibility with other inverter bands for more flexibility
  • Split/phase design; no transformers required for easier residential and light commercial integration
  • Fully integrated system from an industry-leading brand

    FLEXcoupled AC-Coupling System Components: Note: This is not a pre-wired system.
  • (1) GSLC175-AC-120/240 (AC Coupling GS Load Center)
  • (1) Radian GS8048 (Inverter/Charger 8000W 120/240VAC Grid-Interactive and Standalone Solution with dual AC inputs)
  • (1) MATE3 (System Display and Controller)
  • (1) FW-MB3 (MATE3 Mounting Bracket)
  • (8) EnergyCell 200GH (12V Battery 200 Ah @ 100 hr)
  • (1) IBR-2-48-175 (2 Shelf Integrated Battery Rack)

    The following components are sold separately for the GSLC175-AC - 120/240:
  • AC Load Circuit Breakers
  • PV and DC Circuit Breakers
  • PV Ground Fault Detector-Interrupter (GDFI)
  • FLEXnet DC Battery Monitor
  • Additional DC shunts and GS-SBUS (if desired)