Radian Series GS Load Center GSLC175-120/240

Radian Series GS Load Center GSLC175-120/240

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    Manufacturer Part#: GSLC175-120/240
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GSLC175-120/240 - GS Load Center for AC Applications, factory prepared with dual 175 Adc inverter circuit breakers, dual AC inputs, and 120/240 Vac 50A maintenance bypass assembly. Recommended for systems which have a single Radian inverter and an AC source, but can be customized in other ways.

Parts Included, Labeled, and Pre-Wired with the AC Load Center (See PDF below for parts list and drawing):

  • Inverter (negative) DC Bus Bars
  • Negative Terminal Bus Bar (TBB)
  • Ground TBB
  • Neutral TBB
  • PV TBBs
  • DC Positive Cable Plate
  • Main Inverter Disconnect(s)
  • Inverter (positive) DC Bus Bars
  • Shunt
  • AC Circuit Breakers
  • 50A Maintenance Bypass Interlock
  • AC TBBs (Inverter Output) L1, L2
  • AC TBBs (Grid) L1, L2
  • AC TBBs (Generator) L1, L2

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