Side of Pole and RV Racks

Side of Pole and RV Racks Looking for hardware to mount your solar panels? You've come to the right place! offers the solar panel racks and parts you need for your application. If you need to mount your panels on your roof, on the top of a fixed pole, or in an array on the ground, check out the next few links in the product category menu on the left.

On this page we offer solutions for mounting panels on the side of a pole (side-of-pole) or on top of your RV. These applications are neither true roof mounts nor true ground mounts"�so we put them together!

  • Side-of-pole mounts. These solar panel mounts are great for placing a small panel on an existing pole to power lights, monitors, sensors, you name it! These mounts vary by the size and quantity of the modules they will support and the diameter pole they will mount to.

  • RV racks. These mounts will secure your module to your RV roof, boat roof, or wherever you want to securely mount a solar module to a flat surface. One of these options allows you to tilt the module for maximum power production. Another requires no drilled holes!

    Give us a call here at and let us help you choose the right solar racking system for the job!

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    Solartech RAC-M-530 Side of Pole Mount
    Regular Price $ 69.00
    ONLY $52.00
    Solarland Small Panel Mount SLB-0112
    Regular Price $ 99.00
    Qty. PRICE $28.92
    Solartech RAC-M-455-B Side of Pole Mount
    Regular Price $ 75.00
    ONLY $58.50
    Tamarack Solar UNI-SP01A
    Qty. PRICE $71.00
    Tamarack Solar UNI-SP02A Side Of Pole Mount
    Qty. PRICE $163.08
    Tamarack Solar UNI-SP02X Side Of Pole Mount
    ONLY $199.00
    Side-Of-Pole Solar Mount 1X 36-Cell Panel (SOP-K)
    Regular Price $ 238.40
    ONLY $197.60
    Side-Of-Pole Solar Mount 1X 60-Cell Panel (SOP-X)
    Regular Price $ 265.60
    ONLY $219.70
    Side-Of-Pole Solar Mount 2X 36-Cell Panel (SOP-S)
    Regular Price $ 291.20
    ONLY $241.80
    Side-Of-Pole Solar Mount 2X 60-Cell Panel (SOP-Y)
    Regular Price $ 358.40
    ONLY $296.40
    Universal Flat Mount Bracket Kit SLB-0102
    Regular Price $ 24.00
    ONLY $16.00
    Tilt Mount Bracket Kit for 50W-160W  SLB-0103
    Regular Price $ 75.00
    ONLY $51.74
    Geocel 2300 Clear Sealant
    ONLY $12.00
    Sika Sikaflex-715 Semi Self Leveling Roof Sealant
    Regular Price $ 18.55
    ONLY $15.50
    AP Products Sika Cleaner 226 8.5oz
    Regular Price $ 35.00
    ONLY $22.12