Sika Sikaflex-715 Semi Self Leveling Roof Sealant

Sika Sikaflex-715 Semi Self Leveling Roof Sealant

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The Sikaflex-715 roof sealant is recommended in the SolarLand ABS Marine / RV Panel Mount SLB-0115 Kit instructions for roof attachment. See the Related Parts tab below for more information.

Sikaflex-715 is a one-component silane terminated polymer (STP) sealant with excellent adhesion and UV resistance. Sikaflex-715 is suitable for sealing a wide variety of RV roofing components including, EPDM, TPO; metals such as anodized and bare aluminum; phosphated, chromated and zinc plated steel; metal primers; 2-part coatings; ceramics and plastics. Seek plastic manufacturer's advice before using on plastics that are prone to stress cracking. It is highly recommended to read the Sikaflex-715 Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet before use. For additional information, brochure and specs linked below.

Product Benefits:

  • Cross-Linking Durability
  • Very good adhesion to EPDM & TPO
  • Semi self-leveling
  • Excellent dispensing characteristics
  • Primerless adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Isocyanate free
  • Low VOC content
  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Chemical base 1C Silane-Terminated Polymer
  • Color White
  • Cure mechanism Moisture curing
  • Density (uncured)* 12.7 lb/gal
  • VOC (EPA method 24) < 0.5%
  • Non-sag properties Semi self-leveling
  • Application temperature 40 – 110 F(4-43 C)
  • Tack free time* 20 – 40 min.
  • Curing rate* 3/16"/24 hrs
  • Shrinkage Low
  • Shore A-hardness (ASTM D 2240) 10
  • Tensile strength (ASTM D 412) 100 psi
  • Elongation at break (ASTM D 412) 460 %
  • Movement accommodation factor +/- 25%
  • Service temperature 40 – 190 F (4-88 C)
  • Shelf life (storage below 80 F (27 C)) 9 months