Schneider Inverters

Schneider Inverters Xantrex and Schneider are long-standing names and brands in the renewable energy industry. Today, Schneider Electric is based in Rueil-Malmaison, France and sells a wide range of energy equipment across the globe. Back in 2008 Schneider purchased Xantrex, which had earlier combined with the pioneering solar inverter company, Trace Engineering. The result? Quality renewable energy equipment engineering thrives via Schneider across the globe!

At, we've been selling quality Xantrex and Schneider brand equipment for years:

  • Xantrex. Today the Xantrex brand encompasses a full line of RV, Marine and other specialty mobile inverters, inverter-chargers, and battery chargers like the Xantrex Prosine series under our small inverter category. Check out the Xantrex solar inverters below.

  • Schneider. The Schneider brand encompasses solar inverters, inverter-chargers, battery chargers and data monitoring equipment for grid-tied and off-grid systems. Check out the Conext SW series of pure sine inverter-chargers, or the more robust Conext XW series of Schneider inverter-chargers and pre-wired systems.

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    XW5548 Pre-Wired System MNXWP5548-CL150
    Regular Price $ 8,210.00
    ONLY $6,000.00
    Dual XW5548 System MidNite MNXWP5548D-2CL150
    Regular Price $ 14,629.00
    ONLY $10,822.75
    XW6848 Pre-Wired System MidNite MNXWP6848-CL150
    Regular Price $ 8,960.00
    ONLY $6,597.75
    Dual XW6848 System MidNite MNXWP6848D-2CL150
    Regular Price $ 16,839.00
    ONLY $12,629.25
    MidNite MNE250XWP-SINGLE XW Plus E Panel
    Regular Price $ 1,100.00
    ONLY $790.00
    MidNite MNE250XWP-MASTER XW Plus E Panel
    Regular Price $ 1,300.00
    ONLY $935.00
    Midnite MNE250XWP-SLAVE XW Plus E Panel
    Regular Price $ 1,000.00
    ONLY $720.00
    XW Plus Conduit Box
    ONLY $100.00
    Schneider Conext ComBox Communications Device
    ONLY $535.00
    Schneider Conext SW 2524 230 Inverter Charger
    ONLY $2,199.00
    Schneider Conext SW 4024 230 Inverter Charger
    ONLY $2,799.00
    Conext SW DC Switch Gear
    ONLY $400.00
    SW2524 Pre-Wired System Midnite  MNSW2524-CL150
    Regular Price $ 5,215.00
    ONLY $3,911.25
    SW4024 Pre-Wired System Midnite MNSW4024-CL150
    Regular Price $ 5,420.00
    ONLY $4,065.00