XW5548 Pre-Wired System MNXWP5548-CL150

XW5548 Pre-Wired System MNXWP5548-CL150

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  • Item Code#: XANT-01034
    Manufacturer Part#: MNXWP5548-CL150
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    Sale Price:  $6,000.00
    Savings: 27%

MidNite Solar pre-wired inverter systems offer a turn key solution to installing a battery based inverter system, saving you time in the field. With a pre-wired solution all of the confusion is taken out of selecting all the right parts.

This system uses the Schneider Electric XW Plus inverter that is rated at 5,500 watts and uses a 48 volt battery. It produces 120/240 volts AC and has a two seperate AC inputs. Below is a simple list of the major components included in the system.

Pre-Wired System Components:

  • 1 - Schneider Electric XW Pre-Wired 5548 120/240 vac Inverter for Off Grid or Battery based Grid tie
  • 1 - Schneider System Control panel
  • 1 - MNE250XW E-Panel
  • 1 - AC Bypass Assembly
  • 1 - Classic 150 charge controller with DC-GFP (Ground Fault protection) and Arc Fault protection built in.
  • Whizbang Jr current sense module for Classic provides battery state of charge.
  • 3 - MNSPD300's (Surge Protection Devices)
  • 1 - 250 amp Battery Main Breaker for the XW Inverter

    Add-On Option:
  • Schneider AGS Auto Gen Start module add $215

    Alternate Charge Controller Options (Contact SPS for a quote):
    (The second Classic will include Left hand mounting bracket, SPD300, 2 DC breakers and Wiring)
  • MNXWP5548-2CL150 - With 2 Classic 150's total
  • MNXWP5548-CL200 - With Classic 200 and high voltage input breakers instead of a Classic 150
  • MNXWP5548-2CL200 - With 2 Classic 200's total and high voltage input breakers
  • MNXWP5548-CL250 - With Classic 250 and high voltage input breakers instead of a Classic 150
  • MNXWP5548-2CL250 - With 2 Classic 250's total and high voltage input breakers

  • Size: 50" T x 26.75" W x 11.5" D
    Box Size: 1 Crate, 56" L x 28" W x 19" D "truck freight only"
    Weight: Actual-225, Shipping-300 Lbs