Schneider Conext SW Inverter Series

Schneider Conext SW Inverter Series Since 2013, the Schneider Conext SW solar inverter/charger series has delivered great value at attractive price points to the marketplace. Conext SW Schneider inverters are a pure sine wave, inverter/charger system with switchable 50/60 Hz functionality available for both 120/240 Vac or 230 Vac models.

North American units feature split-phase input and output without the need for an external transformer. Available DC and AC switchgear panels, display control panel, remote monitoring and automated generator control modules present even more value. Stacking Conext SW units will double the power and available solar charge controllers allow for the integration of solar capacity as required.

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Schneider Conext SW 2524 230 Inverter Charger
ONLY $2,199.00
Schneider Conext SW 4024 230 Inverter Charger
ONLY $2,799.00
Conext SW DC Switch Gear
ONLY $400.00
SW2524 Pre-Wired System Midnite  MNSW2524-CL150
Regular Price $5,215.00
ONLY $3,911.25
SW4024 Pre-Wired System Midnite MNSW4024-CL150
Regular Price $5,420.00
ONLY $4,065.00