Eco Energy S10D Dual Battery Controller 10A 12V

Eco Energy S10D Dual Battery Controller 10A 12V

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The Priority Solar Charger is rated for 10A at 12V. Tough, easy to install and practically indestructible. This high performance solar charge controller increases battery life by preventing overcharging.

Dual Battery Charging - charges two separate batteries using only one solar module. Perfect for boats, RVs and other systems with two batteries. Charges both batteries together up to approximately 11 volts then battery 1 takes priority over battery 2 for charging. The control also prevents power loss back into the solar modules at night, so an external blocking diode is not required.


  • Unique - zero battery consumption
  • Protection (PV & Batt), against short-circuit & reverse polarity, overload, over temperature & battery removal
  • Extreme -40C to +50C (-40F to +120F)
  • Can charge a completely discharged battery
  • Series design (not shunt)
  • Reliable -100% solid state, quiet, completely sealed
  • No radio interference
  • No need to derate
  • Stainless steel case
  • 5 year warranty
  • Manufactured with solar power
  • Designed and built in North America

    For more information, including electrical specifications please see the ./pdf spec sheet below.