Solarland SLP Series Standard Modules

Solarland SLP Series Standard Modules
SLP Series.
Solarland's SLP Series Standard Nominal 12/24 V solar panels are the work horse line of their off-grid modules. These Solarland solar panels are specifically designed for Off-Grid applications like remote power needs for instruments, pumps, sensors, gates, you name it! But they're also the favorite line for RVs and boats (and small cabins).

Quality. Solarland builds quality solar modules with quality components and built to last. Avoid the garbage, headaches, and poor performance available out there and buy quality Solarland solar panels. With a wide variety of sizes and rated watts (often with both 12 and 24 volt options), there is a high quality Solarland SLP module for your application. If you need UL listed and/or C1D2 certified, Solarland offers those too (see some of those separately listed on our Small Solar Panel Page). If you don't see the right one for you, just ask!
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