Solarland 140W 12V SLP140-12U Solar Panel

Solarland 140W 12V SLP140-12U Solar Panel

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The Panel.
The Solarland SLP140-12U is a 140W 12V poly-crystalline solar panel. These 140W 12V solar panels are great for smaller off-grid applications, remote power systems, RVs, boats, etc! The SLP140-12U features MC4 type wire leads from the j-box for easy, secure connections.

What about 12 volt? Poly vs Mono?
People often get confused about when it makes sense to get a 12 volt panel, or one that uses polycrystalline cells. What's the deal?

You may notice that you can get bigger 60 cell solar panels for less than a 12 volt 140 or 160 watt panel like the SLP140-12. That's true. Those bigger 60 cell panels are designed for the grid-tied home. Several of those 30 volt nominal solar panels in series connect into grid-tied inverters with ease.

The SLP140-12U really shines when your load is rated for 12 volts DC. That way 1-3 of these can be connected in parallel, keeping your system at 12 volts and easily working with a less expensive PWM 12 volt controller (sized for the right amp input).

But what about mono? They're better right? Yes mono crystalline solar cells can eek out a bit more wattage than the same sized polycrystalline cells. But if the panel itself is the right physical size for your RV roof or application and it delivers the daily watt hours you need to power your load, then poly vs mono doesn't matter at all.

For additional information on these 140W 12V solar panels, see the PDF spec sheet below.

SLP140-12U Features

  • Nominal 12V DC for standard output.
  • Outstanding low-light performance.
  • Heavy-duty anodized frames.
  • High transparent low-iron,tempered glass.
  • Rugged design to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load.
  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty.