Synthesis Power Off Grid Solar Panels

Synthesis Power Off Grid Solar Panels Synthesis Power is the work horse line of our 12-volt polycrystalline solar panel category. We've carried a wide range in these off-grid solar kits for a long time--from 10W to 130W. And now we're excited to see the line broaden to 150W! These are really versatile off-grid solar panels and great for lots of applications from mobile applications like RV & marine to other remote, off-the-grid solar systems. These dependable Synthesis Power 12 V solar panels are also a great choice for public lighting applications because they excel at performing well at low voltage.

These Synthesis modules continue to offer great warranties (30-year power output and a 12 year product warranty), guaranteed positive power output tolerances (0 to +5W) and great pricing. They are really hard to beat and are great for our off-grid solar kits!
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Synthesis Power SP50P 50W 12V Poly Solar Panel
Regular Price $99.99
ONLY $71.00