SolarEdge SE7600H-US Inverter plus EV Charger

SolarEdge SE7600H-US Inverter plus EV Charger

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    Manufacturer Part#: SE7600H-US000NNV2
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Introduction. Introducing the one-of-a-kind SolarEdge 7600W HD Wave inverter that has a Level 2 EV Charger built right in! That's right! The World's FIRST PV inverter-integrated EV charger!

First things first. If you're a solar PV newcomer, than a brief intro to SolarEdge inverter is due! SolarEdge split 2 core functions of a typical solar inverter into 2 devices. MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and voltage management happen at the individual panel level with SolarEdge's DC optimizer (sold separately--see the listing on our SolarEdge page). But the inversion of DC to AC happens centrally at the inverter itself (in this case the SE7600H-US). The result is a very efficient, well-designed, very popular alternative to typical string inverters and microinverters.

HD-Wave. Now for the new HD-Wave line up. SolarEdge re-designed its inversion processing by using "distributed switching and powerful DSP processing." The result is a clean pure sine wave without the heavy processing and cooling elements. This makes for a dramatically lighter box to hang--smaller and 50% lighter at 26.2 pounds. This makes the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverters easier and faster to install as well!

EV Charger? Wow! First, the Level 2 charger built into this unit is 6x faster than standard Level 1 chargers common on the market today. By building the EV charger into the PV inverter, you skip the hassle of installing both devices separately (not to mention more conduit, wiring and breakers). You also skip the need for an additional dedicated circuit breaker which may save an expensive main electrical panel upgrade! Whether you have an EV car today or just want to be ready, this baby is a smart move. Watch that solar system investment payback really roll now!
The SolarEdge HD-Wave inverters (including the SE7600H-US with EV Charger) provide 25 years of free power production monitoring, a 12 year standard warranty and enables 155% DC/AC oversizing!

Note: EV charger holder and cable are not included and must be ordered separately.