SolarEdge SE7600H-US Single Phase 7600 W Inverter

SolarEdge SE7600H-US Single Phase 7600 W Inverter

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Introduction. Introducing the 7600W model of SolarEdge's cool new inverter product line . . . the SE7600H-US with SolarEdge's HD Wave technology!

If you're a solar PV newcomer, than a brief intro to SolarEdge inverter is due! SolarEdge split 2 core functions of a typical solar inverter into 2 devices. MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and voltage management happen at the individual panel level with SolarEdge's DC optimizer (sold separately--see the listing on our SolarEdge page). But the inversion of DC to AC happens centrally at the inverter itself (in this case the SE7600H-US). The result is a very efficient, well-designed, very popular alternative to typical string inverters and microinverters.

HD-Wave. So what's new in the new HD-Wave line up? SolarEdge re-designed its inversion processing by using "distributed switching and powerful DSP processing." The result is a clean pure sine wave without the heavy processing and cooling elements. This makes for a dramatically lighter box to hang--smaller and 50% lighter at 26.2 pounds. This makes the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverters easier and faster to install as well!

Winner of the 2016 Intersolar award, SolarEdge also announced that its HD-Wave inverters became the first inverters that the California Energy Commission (CEC) awarded with a 99% weighted efficiency rating!

The SolarEdge HD-Wave inverters (including the SE7600H-US) provide 25 years of free power production monitoring, a 12 year standard warranty and enables 155% DC/AC oversizing!

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