RV Roof Connection Kit SAE 12 AWG

RV Roof Connection Kit SAE 12 AWG

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    Manufacturer Part#: RV RC (e) / Heavy Duty SAE (c)
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This two piece RV roof connection kit includes both a male and female SAE connector for a clean and easy solar panel wiring connection on an RV roof or other types of surfaces.

The 12 AWG leads are 5 foot long and have a very thick insulation. The exposed pin is negative as can be seen in the picture. Ideal for use with the panel mount flanged RV Roof connector, which is included. Polarity protected. Designed for heavy usage. Made in the U.S.A.

RV Roof Connector / panel mount flanged. These roof plugs are typically installed on RV roofs to allow for a later installation of PV modules. SAE RV roof connectors also work well for modules that will be removed and placed at a distance. Very useful in portable systems as well as for installations where you will want to remove the modules and/or batteries when you are away. Standard SAE (automotive) two conductor molded connector with 12 gauge 10 inch leads.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Flange diameter = 1-7/8"
  • Body diameter = 3/4"
  • Bolt hole diameters = 3/16"
  • Bolt hole center to center = 1-1/2"
  • To maintain polarity you would use either the standard or heavy duty SAE connector with the exposed pin connected to the black negative wire. (Included with kit)