Midnite Classic 150

Midnite Classic 150

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The MidNite Classic 150 charge controller is a sophisticated solar, wind, or hydro MPPT regulator designed for up to 150VDC input, and will support a nominal battery voltage of up to 72V. These controllers have some very unique features including built in design programs and voice prompts. Free wireless data monitoring, a built in DC GFP and arc fault detector, and modbus open architecture are sure to make this an industry favorite solar charge controller (MPPT). For a full list of unique MidNite Classic 150 charge controller features, please see the ./pdf documents below. Includes MNGP display and temp sensor.

The Midnight Classic 150 solar charge controller (MPPT) has also a built in operating mode to handle occasional extreme Voltage inputs, called HyperVOC - From the Midnite forum:

HyperVOC is a unique feature the Classic has built in. HyperVOC refers to; when the DC Input Voltage raises above the maximum operating voltage (150V, 200V, 250V, depending on the Classic model). HyperVOC gives you the flexibility to go up to the maximum operating voltage PLUS the nominal battery voltage. For example, the Classic 150 has an input voltage rating of 150 operating volts, if the Classic 150 is connected to a 48 volt battery bank, the HyperVOC voltage limit will be: 150V + 48V a total of 198 Volts that the Classic can withstand without breaking. When the Classic input voltage rises above 150 volts it will switch off (stop outputting power). As long as the Classic is in HyperVOC mode, the microprocessor and all other functions like AUX will continue running. When the input voltage comes back down below 150v (or the rated operating voltage of the Classic, depending on model) the Classic will wake up and start charging again automatically. This could happen in a really cold morning with a system that has a Voltage Open Circuit (VOC) close to the maximum operating input voltage. Note 1. A HyperVOC message will be displayed on the bottom right side of the Status screen. Note 2. Max nominal battery voltage to be added is 48v.
There is also a Midnite document explaining HyperVOC here.

Midnight Classic 150 Solar Charge Controller (MPPT) Warranty Info: MidNite Solar's Classic comes with a standard 5 year warranty we will repair or replace the Classic at no charge to the consumer during this 5 year period End of Warranty tune up MidNite Solar offers a industry first Tune up / Extended Warranty. 6 months prior to the end of the warranty period Customers can ship their Classic back to MidNite Solar with a check for $125 dollars and we will replace any wearable items like the fans and the capacitors and in general tune the Classic up. This will also extend the warranty by 2 additional years as well.

The Classics are no longer shipping with the Whiz Bang Jr Current Sense module, see related parts to the right.

Model: Classic150
Operating volts in: 150VDC
Max HyperVOC: 150+battery
Bat charge V: 12-93
Max current out: 96 amps
Environment: -40 - 40C
Dimensions of Classic: 14.87" x 5.95" x 4.00"
Dimensions boxed:19.0" x 8.5" x 5.7"

Classic 15070 Vmp90 Vmp100 Vmp110 Vmp120 Vmp
12V BatteryN/A96A/1380W92A/1325W93A/1340W92A/1325W
24V BatteryN/A94A/2700W91A/2611W84A/2410W82A/2353W
48V Battery86A/5022W83A/5022W80A/4672W76A/4438W76A/4438W

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