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High quality ground mounting options from General Specialties LLC. We've been extremely satisfied with General Specialties over the years, their customer service is excellent and their products are built to last, and made in the USA!

General Specialties LLC began as a small family business with an emphasis on boat building and marine fabrication in Alaska in the early 1980’s. The owners expanded to general steel and aluminum fabrication in Idaho in the early 1990’s. In 1993 a local solar wholesale company approached General Specialties LLC with a design for a roof mount that they needed manufactured. This was the first version of the current S-Rail series.

These racks are referenced for the following solar panel sizes:
Size "A" - Panels around 160W or 26.5" x 59.5" (10.94 Sq. Ft. MAX)
Size "B" - Panels 165-205W or 32.5" x 62.5" (14.10 Sq. Ft. MAX)
Size "C" - Panels 210-295W (60 cell) or 39.5" x 65.5" (Sq. Ft. MAX)
Size "D" - Panels 300W+ (72 cell) or 39" x 77" (20.84 Sq. Ft. MAX)

General Specialties Ground Mounts

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