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Magnum inverters
Magnum Energy is a leader in innovation and production of high-quality inverter/chargers. Started in 2002 in Everett Washington out of the Xantrex acquisition of Trace Inverters, Magnum Energy went on to develop a full line of inverter/charger products to suit the many and varied needs of off-grid, battery-backup, and mobile solar applications. In 2014, Sensata Technologies (formerly Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls) bought Magnum Energy and together with their earlier acquisition of Dimensions Inverters, continue to produce an even broader portfolio of high-quality, advanced-design inverter/chargers under the Magnum-Dimensions brand out of its Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota locations.

Our line of Magnum Inverter/Chargers include:

  • MMS Inverter/Chargers. This is a great line of economical pure sine inverter/chargers for smaller, simpler mobile needs using AC (shore power or generator) to charge batteries.

  • MS Inverter/Chargers. Beefier pure sine inverter/chargers for more demanding mobile and residential off-grid solar systems. The MS line offers 12 volt systems at 2000 & 2800 watts and 24 volts systems at 2000 and 4000 watts. These Magnum power inverters/chargers are designed to use AC (grid or generator) to charge batteries. An additional DC charge controller is needed to charge batteries with DC solar power.

  • MS PAE Inverter Chargers. Building on the MS line, this is Magnum's most robust pure sine inverter/charger for renewable energy systems. The MS PAE line offers 24 volt systems at 4000 watts and 48 volt systems at 4400 watts. To simplify installation, these Magnum energy inverters are also available as a pre-wired kit combined with Midnite Solar components and a Midnite Classic DC charge controller to manage battery charging via DC solar power. Really nice!

  • Magnum Inverters

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