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Morningstar SunSaver Charge Controller

Small Charge Controllers

If you want to power something off-grid that needs to run in clouds or dark, you'll need a battery-based solar system. And if you need batteries, you'll need a charge controller. Why? Because charge controllers protect batteries by regulating the current and voltage flowing into the battery from the solar panels.

Small Charge Controllers. At SolarPanelStore.com, you've come to the right place for charge controllers. We carry many brands, types, and sizes of charge controllers. We categorize charge controllers based on amp size. We consider "small" charge controllers to be those generally rated up to 30amps.

Pulse Width Modulation. Controllers in this category will often be based on PWM technology (Pulse Width Modulation), although there are some MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controllers too. PWM technology means that the controller pulses its charge into the batteries, changing the pulse length as the batteries' charge increases. Kind of like trying turning the tap on & off in short bursts when trying to fill a glass of water to the brim without spilling. Unlike MPPT, PWM controllers can only use the voltage needed by the battery. So if the PV array supplies more voltage than the battery needs, that extra voltage won't be used. An MPPT controller, on the other hand, can take excess voltage from the array and adjust or step the voltage down to the battery's voltage level and adjust the current accordingly so the maximum amount of PV power is used.

Get the right one here. Whether you need a really small, inexpensive unit to handle 75W of solar input (Sun Guard is a good choice), to something in the 6-20 amp range at 12 or 24 volts with flooded or sealed batteries (the workhorse Sun Saver series comes to mind), to the higher 15-30 amp range that adds gel battery capability and more advanced monitoring & diagnostics (like the ProStar series--great for RV/marine), we have the line for you.

Small Charge Controllers

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Morningstar PC MeterBus Adapter - MSC
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