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Our Large Charge Controller category contains the controller you need for larger and more complex solar power systems. While our Small Charge Controller category fits the bill for RV, Marine and other off-grid or mobile power needs (that may use a few solar panels to charge a small battery bank) our Large Charge Controllers are great for Off-Grid or Hybrid (Grid-Tied with battery-backup) systems for homes, cabins, businesses and other applications which involve many solar panels, larger battery banks, operating at 24 volts and up.

These larger controllers mainly use MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology vs PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Via MPPT, the controller can use higher voltage from the solar panels and step it down to the battery bank's voltage and still use the full power of the array*. MPPT plus larger voltage and current capacities enable these controllers to work well with the most powerful solar modules and varied battery bank sizes.

Our lines of Large Charge Controllers include top, quality brands like the MorningStar TriStar, Outback, Midnite, Xantrex, Magnum and Blue Sky. Ranging from the TriStar's big-features-for-the-buck reputation to Outback's big performance to the rock-solid Midnite Kid and Midnite Classic. We've got you covered!

*Note, when choosing the right MPPT controller, the current, after the step-down and MPPT boost, needs to be factored (i.e. if the voltage is halved then the current is doubled).

Large Charge Controllers

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