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Ground Mount Racking

A ground-mounted solar array is a great choice for a residential system if you have space and/or have some challenges with a roof mounted system. Ground mounted solar panels allow you to optimize the orientation (true south) and the ideal tilt to get the maximum electric supply from the sun. Ground mounted or a pole mount solar system avoids other installation process issues associated with roof-mounts, like roof condition (maintenance, replacement, sloping roofs), high temperatures (cooler modules mean more power), ease of array maintenance, array size, shading challenges, etc. Solar kits with a battery backup can often mean significant costs and savings when weighing the pros and cons of ground mounted vs roof mounted systems.

Our ground-mount solar panel racking systems include structure models that vary in size from top manufacturers. Please note that we also have a separate page for ground and rooftop solar systems exclusively from SnapNRack.  In addition, we offer top-of-pole mount options in various sizes as well - all aimed at helping to lower electric bills without a super costly to install solar option.

As one of the leading solar companies, we invite you to a look at our solar panel racking systems and let us know how we can help! We'll help keep your solar costs down while harnessing the power of the sun year-round on the ground!

Ground Mount Racking

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