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Sun Xtender Batteries are the Original "AGM" (Absorbent Glass Mat) Technology Adopted by the U.S. Military and Worldwide Airframe Manufacturers.

2v deep cycle batteries with unique high-density plate technology provide superior reliability, power & extended cycle life.

Valve regulated (VR), the sealed non-spillable design never needs watering, is maintenance free and operates upright, on its side or end.

Low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance no current limit with controlled voltage charging. Shockproof high impact reinforced case restrains bulging. Copper alloy corrosion-free connections for maximum conductivity.

Crafted for Quality in the U.S.A.

Sun Xtender 2v Solar Batteries are Environmentally Friendly

These batteries are 100% Recyclable, and feature a  1 Year Free Replacement Warranty

Sun Xtender AGM Batteries 2V

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