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Looking for high-quality, well-engineered, built-to-last, easy to assemble pole and ground mounts for your solar array? Of course you are! And General Specialities will take good care of you with their excellent Idaho-manufactured equipment.

Top-of-Pole Mounts: General Specialties makes their Universal Pole Mount (UPM) line of top-of-pole mounts to accommodate a wide range of array configurations. Their standard UPM product line ranges from 3 to 12 modules depending on module size. And their custom offerings range from the UPM 12X HD to the UPM 18X line to handle large arrays.

Rail Roof & Ground Mounts: General Specialties' Universal Rail racking is designed no only for ground mounting, but for decks, flat roofs, walls and even RVs. With the exception of the RV version, all are easily adjustable to maximize production no matter the season. The S-Rails come with feet, rail and back braces and are priced per 1-2 modules (see product listings below for details).

Sizing: Mounting configurations and pricing are based on panel size catgories:

  • Panel size "A" - Panels up to 140W or 26.5" x 59.5" (10.94 ft2 max)
  • Panel Size "B" - Panels 145-205W or 32.5" x 62.5" (14.10 ft2 max)
  • Panel size "C" - Panels 225-260W (60 cell) or 39.5" x 65.5" (17.96 ft2 max)
  • Panel Size "D" - Panels 265W+ (72 cell) or 39" x 77" (20.84 ft2 max)


  • All mounts are designed for panels in LANDSCAPE orientation
  • Mounting post to be supplied by customer (not included). Models refer to "A53 Schedule" pipe.
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