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Solar wire and cable

Solar Wire & Cable

Need wire for your solar system? Of course, you do! Dumb question. But you have come to the right place to get the right kind of wire for your specific application. The wire (or conductors) listed below includes standard PV wire to connect the leads from the solar panels, or USE-2 or THHN conductors rated for home-run lengths from your array combiner box to your charge controller or inverter charger. And of course, the big gauge cable to connect your batteries to form a bank or from the bank to the inverter.

Need custom length cable or wire? We'll hand cut and crimp the right wire to length just for you with our UL listed crimping system and glue-filled heat shrink. Custom orders for solar panel cables are always welcome. We have cable lengths on file for various OutBack Power System panel configurations so feel free to call for a set made to work with a half rack or full rack.

Need tools to crimp and cut bulk wire on the job? click here to see our solar tool page.

Solar Wire and Cable

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