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Outback Inverters.

Since our early days in the off-grid space, we've been awfully fond of Outback equipment. In fact, Outback started business just a year or two before SolarPanelStore.com back in 2001 in Arlington, Washington by engineers that already had deep experience designing power systems for the renewable energy market. They first built enclosures to protect solar power equipment from tough environmental conditions for off-grid systems around the world. Then they moved on to constructing pure sine wave inverters with the same tough build for off-grid applications. And they've been on a roll ever since.

At SolarPanelStore.com we often recommend Outback inverter/chargers, charge controllers, pre-wired systems, hardware and data monitoring equipment for off-grid or battery-backup applications--especially when durability is key. Tough is great, but these Outback power systems also produce true sine wave form electricity, which means off-grid power will look and act just like electricity from the grid. And that means happy TVs, PCs, appliances, you name it.

We carry Outback's Radian series and FXR/VFXR series of Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers, which in addition to legendary durability, offer incredible flexibility to handle a variety of power needs and scenarios.

Looking to cut your electric bill and also want battery back-up? An FXR or Radian will more than handle it. Want to add an AC gas generator to charge your battery bank should the grid be down? Radian's dual AC inputs have got you covered. Think you may want to add some newer technology batteries like Lithiom Ion? Both FXR and Radian series have Outback's new Advanced Battery Charging functionality to make that happen. Need to expand your system? Both of these series are incredibly expandable with the ability to stack many of these units together to meet your needs. And and as places like Hawaii discourage solar owners from using any grid electricity, the FXR and Radian series offer Outback's cool GridZero Technology. GridZero enables these inverter/chargers to smartly and precisely balance between the use of stored energy, solar and utility power to minimize grid power use.

We also offer supplementary components to make Outback inverter/chargers all the more convenient and flexible. Check out these convenient and time-saving pre-wired Outback power systems for sale. Or the Outback load center options which help add battery-backup functionality to an existing grid-tied inverter via AC coupling. Or Outback's MATE3 and HUB communications equipment to connect Outback equipment electronics. Or pre-wired Outback power systems, enclosure, etc.!

Outback Inverters

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