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Israel-based SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 and became the fastest growing residential-based inverter company across the globe in 2015. Early projections indicate that SolarEdge may overtake SMA to become the globe's top-selling residential inverter company in 2016!

Why is SolarEdge so successful? We think it's a combination of innovation and competitive pricing. Traditional grid-tied inverters centrally connect to strings of solar panels and maximize power at the string level plus invert DC to AC. Microinverters do both MPPT and power inversion at the individual module level.

SolarEdge separates those functions by optimizing power production at the module level via individual DC Optimizers that connect to each module. Then DC current from all modules is centrally inverted to AC by SolarEdge's simplified inverter. This separation allows SolarEdge to optimize power production (MPPT) from the PV system and address challenges relating to shading, panel match, orientation, tilt, etc--similar benefits of microinverters. However, this separation also allows for a more cost-effective solution that can flexibly handle 60 cell modules, as well as larger 72+ cells modules.

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