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Small Solar Panels

Small Solar Panels. 

When it comes to "small" solar panels, we generally think under 200 watts. These are durable, high-efficiency, small solar panels for sale that our customers often use for remote transmitters, battery charging, electric gate openers, RVs, boats, 12v solar panels etc...

Some of our mini small solar panels are monocrystalline solar power (single-crystal) and others are polycrystalline solar (multiple-crystal) and include built-in junction boxes, tempered glass, and solid aluminum frames. One exception would be the Ganz Eco-Energy line of panels that use polycrystalline solar cells for good performance and built with lightweight plastic laminate instead of glass and aluminum. These solar kits are great for marine and portable use and also include a blocking diode and wiring so a charge controller is often not needed.

Other small off-grid solar panels for sale in this category are suitable for use in C1D2 environments. The NEC defines C1D2 (Class 1, Division 2) as a type of hazardous environment where flammable or explosive gasses, certain chemicals, and vapors are present.

And when it comes to battery charging, we've made it easier yet with our variety of pre-configured solar charging kits using our small panels, charge controllers and helpful accessories.

Small Solar Panels

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