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At SolarPanelStore.com, we offer a full range of solar electric systems for homes and businesses that connect to a standard electrical service and sell power back to the utility. These home solar panel kits are known as "Grid-Tied" or "Grid-Direct" and are the most common and straightforward type of solar PV system. 

We stock the latest microinverters, DC optimizers, string inverters, and battery-based inverters. Each type of system offers unique benefits for our home solar panel kits.

Microinverters offer increased safety, shadow tolerance, and data tracking for individual solar panels. Microinverters also make it easy to expand the system over time.

Like microinverters, DC Optimizers also offer shadow tolerance and individual module data but usually at a lower price. Both microinverters and DC Optimizers make it easy to comply with the latest NEC Rapid Shutdown requirements. 

String Inverters are the original style of grid-tie systems. They offer the lowest cost and proven performance. They require the solar panels to be wired in series for higher voltage, so systems must be designed around the specifications of each inverter. Some offer unique features, like the SMA TL series that provides a small amount of backup power when the utility is down. 

Microinverters, DC Optimizers, and String Inverters are usually used without batteries, and sell power to your utility at maximum efficiency. For systems including batteries please refer to our Off-Grid systems. 

Thanks to its renewal in December of 2015, all types of residential solar systems qualify for the significant Federal income tax credit. Depending on your location, other states, local and utility incentives may also be available. These incentives make today a great time to invest in a home solar panel kit! Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

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