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Schneider Conext XW Series The Schneider Conext XSystem is a renewable energy power system that can be customized to suit almost any solar or backup power application - grid-tie, off-grid, remote or village power.

Schneider XW inverters feature true sine wave technology, power factor corrected battery charging, grid-tie capability, generator support, 120/240-volt split-phase operation, communications, and monitoring - all from a single inverter/charger.

Field serviceable with out-of-the-box communications and monitoring capability, the complete Xantrex XW System consists of a high-efficiency XW Inverter/Charger, XW Power Distribution Panel with both AC and DC breakers, and the XW Solar Charge Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. Xantrex MPPT technology allows maximum energy harvest from the solar array and optimally charges the batteries. Unlike other MPPT chargers controllers on the market, the XW Solar Charge Controller continuously sweeps the solar array to fine-tune energy generation, which is particularly critical during periods of fast-moving cloud cover.

The Xantrex Schneider Conext XW's combination of features makes it unique to the solar market, establishing a new standard for battery-based systems. Schneider XW inverters are certified to the latest edition of UL1741 and CSA for utility-interactive applications.

Schneider Conext XW Series

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