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Trojan. Since its founding in 1925, Trojan has been an American pioneer in battery technology and top quality batteries for all manner of industries, including automotive, industrial, renewable energy, oil & gas and golf carts. And since we solar users are focused on deep cycle batteries, Trojan rises to the top, having led the development of deep cycle batteries for the golf cart industry back in 1952 and have been expanding and improving deep cycle applications ever since.

6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries. Trojan 6 volt deep cycle batteries are our "go to" battery for residential solar battery banks. And Trojan offers a wide selection of 6-volt batteries to fit the needs of your solar application.

  • Flooded. Its offerings for deep cycle flooded batteries include Plus, Marine/RV, Premium, Signature and Industrial lines. Flooded batteries are the workhorse of solar battery systems, and are the most economical choice. Trojan differentiates its flooded battery lines by custom-engineered features that boost performance for particular applications, as well as additional technologies that extend Ah ratings and cycle lifetimes.
  • AGM. If you're looking for maintenance-free batteries (no water to check or add), minimal venting, performance in low temperatures or the ability to orient the batteries on their sides, then Trojan’s deep-cycle Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries may be up your alley! Trojan's AGM line incorporates optimized design for its plates, separators, and grid to provide maximum performance and extended life-cycle.
  • Gel. Trojan's deep cycle gel batteries provide similar benefits to its AGM line mentioned above. However, their sweet spot is steady, slow discharge rates and applications. Be sure your charge controller can be specifically set to charge gel batteries!

Trojan Batteries 6V

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