Outdoor Battery Enclosures

Outdoor Battery Enclosures We supply various sizes of metallic enclosures for holding batteries and associated electronics. Our most popular metal battery boxes are the NEMA 3R (rainproof), mill finish aluminum boxes, which can hold from a single battery up to 6, 8, or 10 if pad mounted. We also have smaller painted steel boxes, and many models are also available in stainless steel at extra cost. Many standard mill finish aluminum metal battery boxes are in stock, ready to ship.
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Aluminum NEMA 3R Mountable Battery Enclosure BBA-2
ONLY $399.00
BBA1 Battery Box
ONLY $275.00
Sheet Metal Nema 4 Enclosure
Regular Price $115.00
ONLY $75.00
BBA10 Battery Box
ONLY $759.00
BBA3 Battery Box
ONLY $419.00
BP2 6 Battery Box
Regular Price $850.00
ONLY $726.00
BBA6 Battery Box
ONLY $779.00