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The Lithium Answer. Feeling the buzz on Lithium batteries for your RV, boat or home solar set-up? When you're not sure what brand to turn to, you'll not be sorry with RELiON brand Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries!

An investment in maximum power and life! Lithium may be cool, but it's not cheap. That's why it's important to go with a quality brand and go with lithium batteries for the right application. Paying more for lithium makes great sense when weight matters. RELiON Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries weigh a lot less than their lead-acid counterparts--about 50% less. Mobile applications like RVs and boats are ideal for lighter-weight lithium batteries. Also, cycle-life is a big strength of lithium batteries. If you'll drain down the batteries every day, you'll get more bang for your buck. You can also drain them way down and not damage them. Lead-acid batteries generally have a max depth of discharge (DOD) of 50%. So you typically need twice as much lead-acid battery than lithium. That really helps put the cost in perspective!

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RELiON Lithium Batteries

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