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Great Power for Tiny Houses. If you're looking at tiny houses and wondering about how to best power one, you've come to the right place! Tiny Houses and solar power are awesome together! And with all our work with RV'ers and residential off-grid customers, working on Tiny House projects have been a blast!

Our off-grid solar power systems for Tiny House are designed to get people the power they want at a smaller scale and smaller price tag than bigger cabins and homes. We've seen Tiny Houses at conventions with huge house-style, power-hungry AC appliances, and systems. Uh, what's up with that? Our customers are looking for smaller and cost-effective systems to run smaller, efficient loads.

Tiny House Solar Kits With all that in mind, the kits we offer below are just some examples of what works well at different price points for our customers. But like all of our kits and packages, they are often good starting points from which we modify to suit your needs. So take a look and give us call or chat for more info!

Tiny House Solar Systems

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