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Trojan. Since its founding in 1925, Trojan has been an American pioneer in battery technology and top quality batteries for all manner of industries, including automotive, industrial, renewable energy, oil & gas and golf carts. And since we solar users are focused on deep cycle batteries, Trojan rises to the top, having led the development of deep cycle batteries for the golf cart industry back in 1952 and have been expanding and improving deep cycle applications ever since.

2 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries. Trojan makes a 2-volt deep cycle battery in its Premium line of flooded batteries. The more you can avoid multiple paralleled strings of batteries, the better. And these 2V batteries are great for achieving higher Ah in a single string of batteries in series.
  • Premium Flooded Line. This line of Trojan batteries are specifically designed for renewable energy applications and includes advanced features like Trojan's "DuraGrid", "MaxGuard XL" and "Alpha Plus" Paste technologies to maximize performance and durability.

Trojan Batteries 2V

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