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Solarland C1D2 Solar Panels

Solarland SLP C1D2 Solar Panels.

Solarland SLP C1D2 solar panels have been certified by to meet C1D2 certification for hazardous environments. These are the solar panels you want if you're looking for industrial (think oil & gas, etc) remote power applications that required C1D2 certification. These solar panels are made with polycrystalline cells, a 50 mm aluminum frame and have a large conduit-ready junction box.

Unfortunately, Solarland C1D2-rated panels are unavailable due to Poly Cell production issues. They are working on new Mono Crystalline C1D2 panels, but we may not see them until the end of 2023. Please contact us at info@solarpanelstore.com with questions or for alternatives. 

Solarland SLP C1D2 Solar Panels

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