FLEXnet DC System Monitor

FLEXnet DC System Monitor

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The New FLEXnet DC System Monitor integrates with your OutBack system and displays critical information on the OutBack Mate display. Monitors and displays battery level in an easy "fuel guage" style status bar. Shows state of charge and if the system is currently charging or discharging your batteries.

Displays the amount of power your system is currently producing and consuming. Also shows system cumulative production for Today or the last 128 days. Invaluable information for your OutBack system.

Mounts in 3/4" panel mount breaker slot or surface mount. Requires OutBack Mate, Hub and 500A/50mV Shunt.

Note: Requires an OutBack Mate running firmware version 4.0 or higher. OutBack will update for free any pre-4.0 Mate.